New Harvey SES-RAR / VBFB Headquarters
Our new Headquarters is well under way and should be completed around October/November 2016 (soon?). Once we are settled in we will have an opening ceremony and open day where everyone will be invited along.

HARVEY Volunteer State Emergency Service
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Our very old, very small current headquarters. The new complex is attached to the other side of our equipment shed.
New update photos coming soon!
Harvey Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade (VBFB) store and change area at the back of their shed..
Our new Harvey Emergency Complex with the SES shed attached on the left and the VBFB shed on the right.
The offices and training area is between the two sheds.
VBFB shed with store at the back.
VBFB shed.
Coming in the back door of the complex.
Front door with operation room on left and training area on right.
Large training area.
Training area with kitchen on right.
Servery from the kitchen to the training area.
Kitchen area.
Hallway to the kitchen from the foyer, toilets on right.
Kitchen storage area.
Two shower/toilet areas suitable for disabled.
Hallway from foyer in to the office area. Ops and Comms rooms on the left and store rooms on the right.
Operations Room off the entrance foyer.
Communications Room next to Ops.
SES office at front of building and VBFB office at the back.
Two store rooms for the SES and VBFB.
Last update: 19th May 2016